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List of Trustees

  • Chair: Pam Stanier
    chair -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • General Secretary: Jenny Jackson
    secretary -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Treasurer: John Knee
    treasurer -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Membership Secretary: Robin Clarke
    membership -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Groups Co-ordinator: Annette Maxted
    groups -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Venues Co-ordinator: Brian Chesney
    roombook -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Technical Officer: Peter Corfield
    technical -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Web and Calendar Manager: John Elkington
    webmanager -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Committee: All Trustees
    committee -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk
  • Speakers Co-ordinator: Jeff Thorogood
    speakers -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk

Other officer(s):

  • Newsletter Editor: Richard Owen
    newsletter -at- malvernu3a -dot- org -dot- uk

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