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We are looking forward to seeing your geology photos, and here are our guidelines:

Please label your photos with subject, place taken, date and photographer’s name. Photos up to about 3MB can be emailed directly to Phyl at with no more than 10MB in any one email.

For larger numbers of photos you could use MailBigFile ( ) or use Dropbox and email a link to a shared folder ( Both of these have free versions.

Please note that we may have to edit photos for publication on the website or newsletter

Metadata test

You should be able to search the 5 pictures below to find the relevant metadata.

The metadata we have added is as follows for each photo:

  1. 0325 – Glacial; Lake; Icebergs; Iceland; Jokullsarlon; Vatnajokull
  2. 0339 – Iceland; Basalt; Columns; Depleted; Black Beach
  3. 0436 – Bude; Chevron; Folding; Variscan; Orogeny; Cliffs; Milook; Cornwall; Devonian
  4. 0448 – Bude; Turbidite; Sequences; Sandstone; Mudstone; Beach; Exposures
  5. 0449 – Bude; Turbidite; Sequence; Sandstone; Mudstone; North; Beach; Close

How to search. For example to find Variscan - using your browser, enter the following line:

Variscan :site

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