We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month from 2.00-4.00pm at Manor Park Sports Club.

Each session will focus on a particular theme and is intended to suit new members as well as those who have attended previously. Please see the schedule below. There will be exposition by the session leader (who will vary) and the opportunity to answer practice questions of varying difficulty. Plenty of help will be at hand for those who might be a little rusty, but if you still have that mathematical curiosity you will be more than welcome. Details of the different sessions will be published three times a year, at the beginning of each ‘term’.

U3A Maths Schedule for 2017 (before Easter)

3rd January Complex Numbers (John Knee)

A look at the development of complex numbers and how they can be represented on an Argand Diagram.

17th January Fibonacci Numbers (Roger Keeling)

7th February Computer Geometry (David Lawrence)

21st February Basic Calculus (Roger Keeling) and Differential Equations (John Knee)

Two parallel sessions, to provide for those who are ‘rusty’ on the subject, as well as those who feel more confident.

7th March Vectors in Geometry (John Knee)

The use of vectors to solve ratio problems in geometry.

21st March The Golden Rectangle (Roger Keeling)

4th April Problem Session (John Knee et alia)
Members are welcome to bring their own problems to this session.

Leader: John Knee
Phone: 01684 565378
Email: jpk -at- malcol -dot- org

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