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Welcome to Malvern u3a

The 2023-2024 session

We have more than 100 active groups which you can join, and they provide you with the opportunity to meet many of our 1500 or so members. You could learn to play Bridge, brush up your French, join the Travel Group – the choice is almost endless. Just click here to visit the list of Groups and you will see the full range of the courses available. Meeting arrangements, venue and contact details are also published on each Group page, and the current subscription details are posted on the Membership page. We hope we will be able to welcome you soon to Malvern U3A


Our financial data shows that Malvern u3a has accumulated a significant amount in reserves, probably in excess of £40k..This is too much and has arisen due to a mixture of Covid lockdown effects and the increasing membership.

The Treasurer has looked carefully at ways in which we could reduce these reserves over a period of years. The modelling that he has conducted has led to the recommendation that we should reduce our membership subscription to £10 from 1st September and for the foreseeable future, but to be reviewed each year.

There is an alternative method of reducing the reserves by adjusting the fees we pay when we use a hired venue [currently £2]. However, it is clear that this is not equitable as not all members pay room fees.

Our constitution requires that changes to the membership subscription be agreed at a General Meeting. Thus, we have arranged a Special General Meeting (SGM) on Tuesday 25th June before the monthly talk ‚Äď please note this date and try to attend if you can. We will need a quorum there. You can find specific details of the meeting on our SGM page here SGM 25th June 2024

Another way to reduce our reserves is to increase expenditure and the trustees will look at options for doing this over the coming months.

PICNIC IN THE PARK : Tuesday 18th June 2024 2pm

We are planning a repeat of the annual Picnic in the Park event.  For those of you who have not been before, this is an opportunity for u3a groups to show off their musical talents. Groups already signed up include the Ukulele Group, the Wind Group, Dave’s Jazz Group, Sing Together and the Recorder Group. Watch out for further details in your next Bulletin.


Follow this link to the u3a subject advisors section on the u3a webpage

Friends of Malvern u3a

Being a member of Malvern u3a brings with it many benefits ‚Äď we all depend on our Group Leaders and their hard work. But some of the activities we enjoy are not specific to individual groups, and that‚Äôs when extra helping hands are needed to ensure that events like Groups Fair Day run smoothly. We are setting up a group of members who would like to get involved but are not able to commit to joining the committee and would like to give a hand from time to time. If this is you, join¬†FRIENDS OF MALVERN U3A by contacting any committee member (

Groups Fair Day: Malvern Theatre Monday 2nd September 10.00-12.00

This is an opportunity to come along and see the range of groups that are on offer with Malvern u3a.

Cotswold Link

Malvern u3a has a reciprocal link with the Cotswold Link u3a groups.  As a member of of Malvern u3a you are able to attend one of the groups at any of the Cotswold Link.  To find out what is on offer Рfollow this link

National u3a

The u3a Pilot council : Nationally the u3a is considering changes to its governance. A new Pilot Council has been established and it is envisaged that a new smaller and more professional board will be established with a view to improving policy direction and decision making.  Click here to read more about this 

National u3a Newsletter

  • Sign up to receive the national online monthly newsletter. You can do this online at¬†
  • You can join a national interest group online. These meet via Zoom and are available throughout the country. Simply go to¬†¬†and follow the link to Interest groups online to see what is available.