AGM (2020)

The Annual General meeting of Malvern U3A will be held on Tuesday 23rd February 2021 at 2.00pm via a Zoom link. The relevant papers are shown below and can be downloaded by clicking the paper in question.


Electronic voting facilities will be enabled during the AGM.

If you will not be able to attend the online AGM, but would like to vote for any of the motions, then you may nominate a proxy. To do so, you must send an email to Roger Hunt clearly showing the following information:

  • Your name and U3A membership number
  • The name and U3A membership number of your proxy (if you wish this may be the Chair)
  • The relevant motion(s) and your voting intention for each
  • Confirmation that your proxy is happy to act on your behalf.

The deadline for submission of proxy emails is 5.00pm on Monday 22nd February, after which any submissions will be invalid.

Timetable for Submitting Proposals

If you wish to propose a motion or nominate an officer/trustee by email, in advance, for consideration at the AGM, a valid proposal with a second must be received by the 2nd February 2021. This is the closing date for email motions.

A full and final list of motions and trustee nominations to date will be published by 9th February on this website. You will then have until 16th February to submit any proposed amendments to the motions.

Principal Officer/Trustee Posts

We have received correctly completed nominations for most of the officer and trustee posts. These are shown in the list of motions. Our constitution allows for a total of 15 trustees, consequently we still have vacancies for 5 trustees. This includes the key position of Groups Coordinator. We are very keen to fill this important post and you are requested to consider who you know who might be able to do so –details of the role are described in the document below which can also be downloaded.  Nominations for officers and trustees should be sent via email to the Chair with the following information:

  • Your name and U3A number
  • Name of the person you are proposing and the Trustee position applicable.

You need also to arrange for the nominee to indicate their willingness to be nominated and for a seconder to send an email, with the above information, to the Chair. If you do not do this, your nomination will be invalid.

It will be possible to nominate trustees at the meeting, although due to the difficulties involved we would prefer this doesn’t happen.

Other Motions

Motions 1 to 5 on the list have already been proposed and seconded. Emails proposing and seconding any other motions must also be sent to the Chair in accordance with the timetable outlined above.

We all acknowledge this AGM is taking place under unusual circumstances and trust you will demonstrate your usual tolerance if hiccups occur although the Trustees are making every effort to ensure things go smoothly. I hope as many of you as possible will feel able to participate in the proceedings so that we will have a quorum and be able to carry out the requirements of the AGM.

Finally, you should all have completed the online re-registration process before the AGM.

Best Wishes,

Sue Lamberton. Chair

Treasurers Report

Treasurer’s Report


Trustees List (Feb. 2021)

AGM Motions

AGM 2020 Motions Final

AGM Agenda

AGM 2020 Agenda Final

AGM 2019 Draft

Draft Minutes AGM 2019


Financial Statement & Budget


Groups Coordinator’s Role

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