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Literature and Performing Arts

Our Literature & the Performing Arts Groups

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Welcome to our literature and performing arts group pages.

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Group CodeGroup NameVenueDayTime
BOOK1BOOK SHAREManor Park Sports Clubon the last Friday10.30-12.30
CW1CREATIVE WRITING 1The Leader's homeon the 3rd Friday10.00-12.00
CW2CREATIVE WRITING 2Malvern Cube Community Centreon the 1st Friday10.00-12.00
CW3CREATIVE WRITING 3The Leader's homeon the 1st Tuesday10.00-12.00
CW4CREATIVE WRITING TECHNIQUESManor Park Sports Clubon the 3rd Tuesday10.00-12.00
FLMG1FILM GROUP 1Members' homeson the 1st Monday10.00-12.00
FLMG2FILM GROUP 2Members' homeson the 2nd Monday10.00-12.00
FLMG4FILM GROUP 4Members' homeson the 1st Monday10.00-12.00
LIT1LITERATUREPoolbrook Village Hallon the 1st and 3rd Thursday10.00-12.00
OPER1CLASSICAL MUSIC AND OPERAThe Leader's homeon the 3rd Wednesday14.00-17.00
PLRD1PLAY READING 1Manor Park Sports Clubon the 1st and 3rd Tuesday10.00-12.00
PLRD2PLAY READING 2Malvern Cube Community Centreon the 1st and 3rd Thursday09.20-12.00
POET1POETRY PLEASEElmslie Houseon the 2nd Monday10.00-12.00
POET2POETRY PLEASE 2Elmslie Houseon the 4th Monday10.00-12.00
SHKE1ENJOYING SHAKESPEAREMalvern Cube Community Centreon the 1st and 3rd Wednesday10.00-12.00
SHKE2SHAKESPEARE ON PAGE AND STAGEManor Park Sports Clubon the 4th Wednesday13.45-16.00
THET1THEATRE STUDIESElmslie Houseon the last Wednesday10.00-12.00