Malvern U3A

GRP Qigong (Chi Gung)

Qigong (Chi Gung)

We meet every Tuesday from 11.00-12.30. Venue: Malvern Rugby Football Club

Mandarin ‘Qi/Chi’ translates as ‘life force’ and ‘Gong’ means ‘skill.’ The underlying premise is that ‘qi’ energy flows in and out of everyone’s body. Thus Qigong is the skilful practice of gathering, harnessing and circulating one’s life-force energy consciously, and, with mindful intent guiding the “qi” along the 12 meridians. The “Qi” channels run throughout the body and are the focus of Traditional Chinese Medicine, notably acupuncture. Thus one might say that Qigong is acupuncture without the needles! It is also energising, uplifting and good fun! Whether you believe in acupuncture or not, I can guarantee that participants will enjoy learning the fluid movements.

Please wear warm comfortable clothing. Please feel free to bring your own bottled water/refreshments. There is ample seating.
NB. The Club could be open for refreshments thereafter should there be sufficient interest.

Leader: Chantal Heaven
Phone: 07914 023735
Email: chantal -dot- heaven -at- gmail -dot- com