Covid-19 Guidance


The rapidly rising number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in parts of the UK, Spain and France have reinforced for us all the importance of following up to date Government instructions, especially as most of us fall within the vulnerable older category. We all wish it were not so but realism must prevail so here is a summary of advice for Malvern U3A members:

  • All members must make their own decision as to whether to attend, in person, any U3A meetings of any type. You and you alone know your Health Status: diabetes, blood pressure, immune response etc. and will make a risk-assessment based on this knowledge.
  • You should not hold any meeting inside your own home or attend such a meeting at another’s home under the auspices of Malvern U3A.
  • Malvern U3A will not endorse any meeting indoors in any hired building nor meet the hire costs for such a meeting.
  • The trustees aver that no public building may be considered “Covid-19 Safe” merely risk reduced.
  • Outdoor Meetings of up to six members may take place following Government social distancing guidelines ie. 2m if possible or 1m + with masks. Groups larger than six eg. walkers, should be split into smaller groups and all be reminded of the safety rules.
  • Outdoor Sporting Activities: Group Leaders should google and download the updated instructions from the relevant sporting bodies and follow them carefully.
  • There should be no car sharing to or from meetings.
  • No refreshment should be offered or shared at any meeting.
  • Outdoor Sports Group Leaders please inform the Groups Co-ordinator if and when you plan to restart meetings.
  • As Government advice is adapted in the attempt to combat this virus Trustee advice will adapt accordingly.

Let us all be thankful for Zoom, but please, try to keep in phone contact with anyone known to you who cannot Zoom.

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