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Delete Me

Delete Me

In line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Malvern U3A acknowledges the user’s ‘right to be forgotten’. Consequently we provide you with the facility to request to delete any records which Malvern U3A has which relate to you.

We identify you by a combination of the email you used when registering with us and the membership number you were given at the time. If you have mislaid your membership number you can have it sent to your email by clicking membership number retrieval.

Malvern U3A holds data about you in three tables in the database, a ‘Members’ table, a ‘Subscriptions’ table, and a ‘Group Membership’ table. If you wish to check the details we hold you can have them emailed to you from here my details.

If you wish to delete your details please contact the webmanager by using the forms available here contact Malvern U3a. After the webmanager has confirmed the deletion, you can verify that this has taken place by attempting to see your details on the my details page. If the deletion has taken place you will receive a ‘Details not recognised’ message.