Speakers Forum

We meet on the 3rd Monday from 14.00-16.00 at the Quaker Meeting House.

We do not meet in August or December.

During the last 12 months we have been enthralled by a cornucopia of ideas and facts (at least some of us think so) !
We have considered and discussed the importance of the outcome for the world by Oliver Cromwell’s victory at the Battle of Worcester as related to us by Howard Robinson. Other discussion subjects have been: The Hospice Movement (Rev. Carl Attwood ), Genealogy (Frank Townsend) , Background to Charles Darwin (Dr. Chris Flower), Nutritional Empowerment (Dr Geoff Douglas), Relations with Russia between the two wars (Dr. Gerald Brooke), The Church Movement in England (Rev. Peter Edwardes , Stem Cell Research (Dr. June Jones of radio fame), and Verdi; Hurdy Gurdy Early Verdi (Brian Meadows).
This September we welcomed Harriet Baldwin MP followed by Georgina Davenport and Nick Wilkes of Malvern Theatres, plus Robert Dance from Morgan Cars complete with a brand new Morgan sports car.

Do come along to share in the ideas, chocolate biscuits, coffee and comfy chairs.

Leader: Don Priestman
Phone: 01531 671047
Email: don_priestman -at- yahoo -dot- com

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