Driving Skills Revisited

We meet on the 2nd Thursday from 10.15-12.30 noon at the Cube.
We meet initially via Zoom, then when circumstances allow, at the Cube. Most of us learnt to drive in our youth, and probably haven’t had any further checks on our skills since then. Roads have changed, laws have changed, traffic is heavier and cars are more complex. We are offering to help you refresh your ability to cope with modern day situations. Each month our talk covers a different topic, covering night driving, winter driving, motorways, manoeuvres, lone driving, grandparents children and distractions, technology and challenges. In addition we offer the opportunity of an hour’s one-to-one driving assessment in your own car once this is allowed.

Leader: Val Allen
Phone: 01684 566106
Email: v -dot- clementadams -at- btinternet -dot- com

Contact: Howard Allen
Phone: 01684 566106
Email: howard -dot- allen2005 -at- gmail -dot- com

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