Exploring Mathematical Ideas

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 14.00-16.00 at Manor Park Sports Club.

This will be the third year that this group has met. We try to encourage new members who have an interest in mathematics but who may be slightly reticent. Generally you need to be competent in maths to about ‘O’ level standard or beyond. I recognise that this may be a few years ago (to say the least) and that you may have forgotten some of the material – however the potential to understand and grasp new ideas has probably not diminished over time. More important is that you have an interest and enthusiasm for the subject. Each session will be stand alone and will look at problems on a particular theme. Most sessions are interactive with a combination of presentation and problem solving. For example, in the first session we will look at the three classical problems that the Greeks could not solve using just a ruler and compass. The rest of the programme for Autumn 2019 will include sessions on logarithms, hexagons, number sequences, probability, the number e, the circle and Latin squares.

Programme for Summer 2019

The sessions will normally be led by Roger Keeling

30th April :- Calculator Investigations

14th May :- The Golden Ratio

28th May :- Probability

11th June :- The exponential function

25th June :- Maths Games and Strategies

July 9th :- Problem-Solving (Joint Session)

Please direct any queries to:

Leader: Roger Keeling
Phone: 01905 831542
Email: rogkeeling -at- gmail -dot- com

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