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Monthly Guest Speaker Meetings

Monthly Guest Speaker Meetings

The monthly meetings are held at Malvern Cube Albert Road North, Malvern WR14 2YF  from 2.30pm

Scheduled meetings are as follows:

Tuesday 25th June 2024

Peter Gill - Private Godfrey's Real War

To the legions of fans of Dad’s Army, Private Charles Godfrey was that wonderfully endearing, kind and gentle retired tailor who lives with his two spinster sisters in Cherry Tree Cottage, Warminster-on Sea. However. the Great War experiences of William Arnold Ridley, who played Godfrey, as a combatant in the front line trenches of the Western Front would leave him physically and mentally scared. This is a subject very close to Peter’s heart and he says is a lovely story. If Peter’s talks previously at Malvern over the last two years ( The Wit and Songs of Noel Coward in 2022 and The Great War’s poetry, songs, humour and biting satire in 2023.) are anything to go by we will be in for another riveting afternoon.

Tuesday 30th July 2024

John Roberts - Sir Henry Morton Stanley - I presume

A son of the St. Asaph workhouse, Stanley was one of the most famous men of the late nineteenth century. Aged 18, he was in New Orleans, and after adventures in USA, he made three great journeys of exploration and discovery in Africa, including his famous meeting with Dr. Livingstone. He was an immensely successful writer and made speaking tours of three continents and later campaigned against the African Slave Trade. Though his achievements were recognised and rewarded in many ways, controversies surrounded some of his actions. The speaker asks if he is unjustly neglected?

Tuesday 24th September 2024

Elizabeth Flanagan - Peace Education

A presentation on work that is currently being taken into schools with the focus being on what is happening in Malvern Schools and the reasons for its success.

Tuesday 29th October 2024

Max Hunt - Shelsley Walsh: The Story of a Village.

The talk will cover a thousand years of the history of Worcestershire's smallest parish, from the Norman conquest, taking in the Gunpowder Plot and the Teme valley iron trade, as well as the Earls of Dudley at Witley Court and the arrival of the Midland Automobile Club with the famous motor hill-climb from 1905.

Tuesday 26th November 2024

Ashley Butterfield - Taking Group trips Overland to India Using Public Transport & The Real India by Rail

After hitch-hiking to India aged 17, Ashley decided to start a business: taking passengers overland from England to India. He did this 80 times, initially by minibus, but after many problems with breakdowns and their consequences, he found a way of doing this journey using public transport! Whilst in India he spotted an old railway carriage being used for wedding parties. Indian railways agreed to hire this to him. With a basic kitchen and two no-frills dormitories, this was attached to regular trains to travel round India. In this way Ashley led over 100 circular month-long tours from Delhi to South India and back!

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