Monthly Guest Speaker Meetings

We meet on the last Tuesday of the month from 14.30 at the Cube.

Forthcoming meetings are:

  • Tuesday 24th September 2019 : "Pub Signs" by Angela Panrucker
  • Tuesday 29th October 2019 : "Trials and Tribulations as a Church Warden" by Dr Jan Long
  • Tuesday 26th November 2019 : "Remembering the Swinging Sixties" by Ray Sturdy
  • Tuesday 28th January 2020 : "The curious history of vegetables"  by Bill Laws
  • Tuesday 25th February 2020 : "Genealogy: The Search for One’s Ancestors" by Rob Collinge
  • Tuesday 31st March 2020 : "The Social and Political Satire of Gilbert and Sullivan" by Bernard Lockett
  • Tuesday 28th April 2020 : "Shirley Sheridan and Guide Dog Taylor" by Shirley Sheridan
  • Tuesday 26th May 2020 : "The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford" by Jude May
  • Tuesday 30th June 2020 : "Worcestershire Healthwatch" by Simon Adams
  • Tuesday 28th July 2020 : "Hitting the Headlines as a Newspaper Editor" by John Butterworth

All members are welcome at our monthly meetings. As you can see we have a good variety of speakers and they are much enjoyed by members.

We meet every month except August and December. Guests are also very welcome. There is no charge for the Monthly Meeting.

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