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Malvern u3a currently has around 1500 members and over one hundred different groups ranging from cultural pursuits to physical activities. As we tentatively emerge from lockdown, we hope that we will be able to move towards a more normal year where groups will be able to meet face to face where appropriate. Clearly, it will be up to every group to decide amongst themselves how quickly they transition to normality. You will be receiving a Groups Directory through the post which will include as much information as possible. However, due to the uncertainty around when the Directory was prepared, it is recommended that you contact your group leader/contact to find out the latest situation.

Subscription Rates: 2021 / 2022Annual: £15.00
Annual (with other U3A): £11.00
Six Month: £7.50 (from March 1st - August 31st)
Concession : £4.00
U3A Magazine (Third Age Matters): £3.10

Session fee: £2.00
The Trustees have set the annual membership fee at £15, the same as the 2019-20 year, despite an increase in National u3a capitation rates. The individual charge for members attending groups in external venues will remain at £1.50 per meeting although the Trustees reserve the right to increase this charge if necessary.

If you would like to join us as a new member, then you can:

  • join online (see below) OR
  • download a Membership Application Form (see below) and send it with your cheque made out to Malvern U3A to the Membership Secretary (the name and address appear on the form) OR
  • come along to one of the monthly meetings. We will be pleased to enrol you here.

If you wish to receive, or continue to receive, a copy of the National U3A magazine, Third Age Matters, please tick the box on the form and include the additional amount.
Before joining Malvern U3A please click HERE to see the Terms and Conditions you agree to accept on becoming a member.

Online Membership Registration / Renewal
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  • New Members
    Click HERE to take out a new membership.
  • Existing members
    Click HERE to renew an existing membership.

NOTE (1). If you are an existing member you will need to input your current U3A Malvern Membership Number.
If you have mislaid your number please click HERE to retrieve it.
NOTE (2). If you join online you will receive an email with a ‘digital’ membership card which you can print out.

Membership Application Forms
Click HERE to download an Application Form for a new membership.

Click HERE to download an Application Form to renew an existing membership.

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