Military History

We meet on the 2nd Friday of the month from 10.00-12.00 at Manor Park Sports Club.


Friday 8th February 2019. The Cold War 1; the Background; Alan Gray.

Friday 8th March 2019. Bismarck’s Wars of German Unification – versus Denmark, Austria and the German Confederation 1864-6; Fraser McNeil-Watson.

Friday 12th April 2019. “Kashmir and India-Pakistan Wars.” Simon Sole.

Tuesday 30th April 2019. Visit to Cold War Museum, Cosford.

Friday 10th May 2019. Cyprus; The Intractable Problem; Mark Tovey.

Friday 14th Jun 2019. 1945, The Bomb and the Perfect Excuse; Jim Murphy.

Friday 12th Jul 2019. Woolwich Arsenal: Len Cornish.

Friday 9th Aug 2019. Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth; Richard Edwards.

Friday 13th Sep 2019. The Cold War 2; Alan Gray.

Sunday 15th – Thursday 19th Sep 2019. Battlefield Tour and Visit to York.

Friday 11th Oct 2019. Gen Sir John French: Man of Surprisingly Many Parts; David Adams.

Friday 8th Nov 2019. The 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the End of the Cold War; Alan Gray.

Friday 13th Dec 2019. TBD.

Friday 10th Jan 2020. TBD.

Friday 14th Feb 2020. The Vietnam War; Jim Murphy.

Friday 13th Mar 2020. TBD.

Friday 10th Apr 2020. The Defence of Malvern in the Second World War; Mark Tovey.

Friday 08th May 2020. The “Phoney War” on the 80th Anniversary of its End; Alan Gray.

Friday 12th Jun 2020. TBD.


You will see that the subjects for 2019/20 continue to contribute to our varied programme. However, more volunteers to talk are required. Please contact Alan, Malcolm, Joan or Jim if you think of things to include.


There are a number of potential short visits which we are considering and now confirming, including the Cold War Museum. We are investigation potential visits to the Broadway Cold War Bunker, and the RAF Museum, Hendon. If you have other ideas, do let us know.


It is intended that the Group will continue to plan at least one battlefield tour each year, depending upon the level of your support. We are investigating options for 2020 and beyond;

Op Mercury – The German Airborne Invasion of Crete, Op Market Garden (Arnhem, Nijmegen etc), End of the 2nd WW in Germany and the 2nd WW Italian Campaign.

All views are welcome.

OTHER IDEAS. Any comments, and other ideas for talks or activities are most welcome.

Alan Gray alanjohngray -at- gmail -dot- com
Malcolm Delingpole malcolmdelingpole -at- gmail -dot- com
Binty Murphy murpcorp1 -at- gmail -dot- com
Jim Murphy murpcorp -at- gmail -dot- com

All U3A members are welcome, and prospective members may visit for a ‘taster session’.
Leader: Malcolm Delingpole
Phone: 01684 564699
Email: malcolmdelingpole -at- gmail -dot- com

Joint Leader: Alan Gray
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