Welsh Culture Group

We meet on the 1st Friday of the month from 10.00-12.00 at the Baptist Church.

We currently have an average attendance of 40 – 55 with a total ‘capped’ membership of 80 members. We are happy to put prospective new members on a waiting list.

Through our programme, we aim to share our knowledge and enthusiasm of all aspects of Wales and Welsh life.

Our programme includes a number of visits spread throughout the year. Members are encouraged to contribute to the meetings so that we learn from our own research as well as each other.

For 10 years our group has been celebrating Welsh culture, and you can click HERE to see how we marked this event.


Please click HERE to see our current programme.


Please click HERE for our Welsh archive.


Please click HERE for our Welsh recipe book.

We also have a number of Guest Speakers.

Leader: Sue Price
Phone: 01684 566266
Email: sm -dot- price -at- talktalk -dot- net
Joint Leader: Kate Jefferies
Phone: 01684 303895
Email: katie -dot- rose -dot- jefferies -at- gmail -dot- com
Joint Leader: Hazel Haslam
Phone: 01684 563172
Email: n/a
Contact: Sheila Owen
Phone: 01684 564565
Email: sheila_owen -at- talktalk -dot- net

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