Fossils Subgroup

Fossils Subgroup

We currently have about 20 members with on average 10 attending our monthly meetings.  The group has a very mixed level of expertise from those who have been studying fossils for some time to absolute beginners who have no scientific background whatsoever.

Our aim is to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world of fossils, using what expertise we have available within the group or if possible using contributors from outside the Fossil Subgroup.

We plan to have one or two field trips a year to such destinations as Leckhampton Hill or Wenlock Edge where we can make our own fossil findings.  These lead to a follow-up meeting where we try to identify what we have found.  In the past we have benefited from the input of Dr Paul Olver who has helped us with field trips and subsequent identification of finds.

Last year we also had talks from U3A group members such as James Berry and Alan Gray on a particular topic related to fossils as well as an insight into John Medley’s extensive collection of the fossils of Leckhampton Hill.  We also enjoyed a follow up session from the U3A’s group trip to Tenby and will certainly do a similar session based on the October trip to Weymouth and the Jurassic coast.

Next year we intend to do some more local field trips as well as a museum visit, perhaps to Oxford.

New members are always welcome whatever their level of expertise.

For more information lease contact Christopher Wright:

tel: 01905 20920, email:


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