June 2021 onwardsA series of lectures called 'Historical Geology'Click here for a list of the talks and to view again
October 2020 onwardsA series of lectures called "The Origin and Evolution of the Earth"Click here for a list of the talks and to view again
March 2022Eruptions & Hazards of Ocean Island VolcanoesRecording
February 2022Glacier-Permafrost Interactions: processes, landscapes products and glaciological implications
January 2022Iceland - Alternative to Mantle Plume ModelPart 2 only
December 2021Sedgwick & The Dent FaultRecording
November 2021Cotswold Topography & Isostacy Recording ‎(Requires Password)
October 2021Plate TT subgroup 7th October - Is Plate TT Essential for Life?Recording
October 2021Soil Science 2
May 2021Ice Age Ponds & Glacial Landscapes in Western HerefordshireRecording
April 2021Plate TT subgroup 6th AprilRecording
April 2021Down to EarthRecording
March 2021TsunamisRecording
February 2021LuminescenceRecording
January 2021The Surface of MarsRecording
December 2020Chinese Sponges & FossilsRecording
November 2020MHG Project BriefingRecording
November 2020Tsunamis - Part 2 (Alan Gray to Plate TT subgroup)Recorded lecture
November 2020Powering the Earth's Field over Geological TimeRecorded lecture
October 2020Monitoring Turbidity Currents in the OceansRecorded lecture
April - September 2020A series of lectures called "An Introduction to Geology"Click here for a list of the talks and to view again
September 2020The Japanese island arc: perspectives on the Malverns Complex and the Warren House Formation
September 2020Malvern's Geology and LandscapeRecorded lecture
August 2020Lifting the Lid on El Hierro
July 2020A Geology Trip in the USA (Part 2)
June 2020Mineral Exploration & Evaluation - From Prospect to MineVideo -1st half Video - 2nd half
May 2020Ice Age in Worcestershire & HerefordshireVideo -1st half Video - 2nd half
April 2020A Geology Trip in the USA
March 2020The Adventures of a Modern Day Cousin Jack; Copy of Presentation
February 2020Metallic Mineralisation of the Mantle & Crust/Cratons; Copy of PresentationAudio -1st half
Oct 2019 - Jan 2020Edwards Lecture Series
April 2019Geology, Origin and Celebrity of Shap Granite
March 2019What's Underneath a Volcano?
Copy of Presentation
Audio -1st half Audio - 2nd half
February 2019Rocks from Space
January 2019PalaeomagnetismAudio -1st half Audio - 2nd half
December 2018Permafrost
November 2018Boreholes - A Brief History
October 2018The Volcanos of Lanzarote & Fuerteventura
May 2018Members Meeting Annual Review
April 2018The Plate Tectonics of Welsh Geological History
March 2018Dating Techniques
February 2018The Devonian System
January 2018Speleothems
December 2017The Geology of the Malverns
November 2017Glaciology
October 2017Metal Mines of Spain
May 2017Members MeetingTenby Presentation
April 2017Ider Oberstein
March 2017Plate Tectonics in the Andes
February 2017The Anthropocene
January 2017East African Rift Valley
January 2017East African Rift Valley

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