Malvern Hills Geology Project

The Malvern Hills Geology Project

Following on from the Dave Bullard 3-day ‘Geology of the Malvern Hills’ course held in June 2018, a project has been set up to consolidate and extend the lessons we learnt at that time.

The principal aim is to ensure that none of the valuable material that was made available to us from the presentations and the field trips is lost and to provide a single access point knowledge base for anyone interested in the geology of the Malvern hills to use into the future. Dave Bullard is keen to support the project in person and from his archives.

Initially the course presentation will be written up and the detailed, hand drawn, maps made by Dave Bullard in 1976 will be digitised and layered over topographic maps of the hills. Other layers are proposed including quarry locations, sample photographs, field trip routes and possibly geobotany. Considerable work in the field will be needed to collect and verify information.

Other proposals include a new sample collection, thin sections and even dating of samples, and production of videos where geologists describe Malvernian geology at significant sites.

The output is intended to go on a website which will either contain the results of our own efforts or links to existing relevant material.

It is proposed that this work will be done by U3A members with the assistance and collaboration of Dr David Bullard and local bodies such as the Hereford and Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and others who will be approached in the coming months.

As of October 2018 the project is very much in it's early development stages but a launch meeting has been held to approve the general proposals and allocate initial tasks.

Click here for project results and progress

The working group contact is:    Alan Hughes
Land line:           01886 880130
Mobile:              07763 451292

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