Plate Tectonics Subgroup

Plate Tectonics Subgroup

The Plate Tectonics Subgroup (PTSG) meets during the Autumn, Winter and Spring on the first and third Thursday in each month at Malvern Cube from 14:00 to 16:00 hrs.

The original aim of the group, formed 4 years ago, was to obtain a better understanding of the relatively new science of Plate Tectonics, which is only about 50 years old, and now underpins modern structural geology. New ideas and discoveries are still being made and we attempt to keep up with the science and associated areas like volcanism, earthquakes, orogeny’s and deeper processes within the Earth’s mantle and core.

More recently we have been reviewing the main Group’s major field trips both in the UK and abroad from a Plate Tectonic perspective. So far we have reviewed the trip to Anglesey in 2015, Bude in 2016 and the trip to Tenby in 2017.

Recently we have also looked at images from space missions like Cassini for evidence of Plate Tectonic processes occurring on other planets, including the moons of Saturn.

At our December 2017 meeting we explored all the techniques available for dating rocks and minerals over geological time including bedding sequences, mineralogy, fossils and radiometric techniques. . These techniques have become very sophisticated and accurate and have led to radical changes in theories of how the Earth formed and come to be like it is through Plate Tectonics.

Our next series of meetings start in November 2018 when we plan to review the history of the Earth from the formation of the Solar System to the present including how plate tectonics started and evolved. For this we plan to meet twice a month on the first and third Thursdays at Malvern Cube from 2 to 4 pm.

New members are always welcome and each meeting more or less stands on its own. However we do have a good deal of past material which new members can access to catch up on what we have done in the past.

Leader and Contact: Richard (Dick) Harris

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