Astronomy and Astrophysics

We meet on an agreed day from an agreed time at the Leader's home.

Currently it will be via Zoom virtual meeting only via computer.

The course will run over the Internet in Zoom, twice weekly, starting on September 15, on Tuesdays for part one of the session, and Fridays for part two of the session from 16:30, lasting about 75 minutes to no more than 90 minutes each time; ending this year on December 18. It should resume in January 2021 and finish before Easter, those dates to be decided later. It is basically a repeat of last year where we had about 2 ½ hours with a coffee break each week. This does not include any repeats, but that might be possible for some according to how we progress. We do not meet in the summer. The course is delivered in PowerPoint and notes for each session are e-mailed to course members. It covers historical astronomy and the celestial sphere, star maps, the seasons and basic orbital theory. Then progresses to Kepler’s laws, orbital dynamics and Newtonian gravitation. We cover the solar system and all the planets within and their basic structure and planetary physics, optics and instrumentation, atomic theory, nuclear structure and particle physics. The meaning of reality and influence from observation. Then the life cycle of stars; the dynamics of galaxies and the structure of the universe, special and general relativity (the geometry of space and time with on screen interstellar travel demonstrations) and finally Cosmology (Evolution of the universe including the very start – Big-Bang). I also have an observatory with control room with much photographic imaging equipment and two large computer controlled large telescopes. You will see many of my images of celestial objects anyway. A basic understanding of science in the first place is helpful for the course but is not a requirement.

Click here for recordings of the sessions

Leader: Chris Baddiley
Phone: 01886 880047
Email: cjbaddiley -at- gmail -dot- com

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